Who Am I

Artist Statement

As a photographic artist, I have always endeavored to create unconventional and layered images that my audience will connect to on an emotional level.

Through darkness, I aim to tell my story, and the stories of those around me. My artwork is always created with a particular story in mind, however, my images are ambiguous, and can often symbolize many different things to those who view them.

My aesthetic style involves using muted tones, and I often obscure the faces of my subjects. I obscure the face to both add mystery and to focus on creating emotion by using the rest of the body.

The visuals in my images can often be intense and disturbing to the viewer, but I find that this creates conversation, which is one of my main goals with my art.

Through the use of post-processing, my images come alive. I use compositing in most of my images, as well as turn the once colourful image into the almost grey images that they become. I also use textures to add grittiness and more visual depth to each of my images.

My art is ever-evolving, and I aim to forever evolve as a human alongside it.

Artist Biography

Tyler Grace is a conceptual photographic artist, born in 1993 and based in Albury, Australia, who specializes in creating dark and emotional images that tell stories in an impactful way.

After 4 years of photography being a very small hobby and escape from his chronic health issues, Tyler truly began to emerge as an artist in 2016, as he began to take photography seriously, exhibit his work and enter competitions, thus turning his hobby into his passion and his career.

Throughout the years since he has developed his style and made his work darker, more thought-provoking and cinematic in nature, with his images including desaturated tones, heavy contrast and slight textures that give the images a slightly grittier feel than they would have otherwise.

He has been a finalist and won awards such in local, regional and international competitions, such as the MAMA Art Prize and the Chiltern Art Prize. He also won the Young Regional Artist Scholarship through Create NSW in 2016.

His most recent, and most important achievement was winning the art category and third place overall in Australasia's Top Emerging Photography Awards 2019.

Tyler continues to exhibit his work in group shows all over the world, enter competitions and tour his award winning exhibition "The Chronic Diaries" all around Australia.

Tyler aims to continue creating images that will engage the viewer and make them experience emotions that they never expected to feel from viewing a photograph.


1. Do you offer prints of your images?
Yes, I do. Every single image you see on social media or my website is available for purchase.
You can find more details in my special Prints section by clicking here.

2. Do you offer commissioned photo shoots/can you create an image for me?
I sure can! Bookings are now open! Please contact me for more details.

3. Can I be one of your models for one of your personal storytelling images?
Possibly! Please click here to send in an application form.      

4. Do you travel for photo shoots?
Yes, I can and do!

More Information

If you would like any more information, please contact me

To view my full CV, please click here

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