Anonymous is a series of images that uses a grey wall and props to tell stories while keeping the model anonymous.

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  • This Little Light of Mine

    Throughout life some of us go through more negative experiences than positive ones, but even through all the negativity, we must try to hold onto that little light of positivity that helps us to keep going and face the next day head on!

  • Afraid To Let Go

    To let go of your personal demons is a hard thing to do. For some people it is seemingly impossible to let go and they are too afraid to try. Instead of trying to let go, they hold onto their demons as tight as they can and never break free from the demons grasp.

  • The Temptation

    Temptation is all around us. It's something we can't always avoid. Will you take a bite into the apple and give into the temptation, or will you fight through the temptation and not give into it?

  • Childhood Memories

    For some of us, our childhood was the best part of our lives, and we hold onto the memories of our childhood as tight as we possibly can as they bring us incredible amounts of happiness.

  • Outtake - The Hurt

    She is breaking on the inside and no one knows about it. She constantly hides and never shows her emotions to anyone else. Once she is alone, she breaks down, and it feels like the world is ending.

  • Time

    Just like a newborn baby, time is fragile and precious. Take care of it, nurture it and don't let it slip away from you.

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