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Archival Print On Elegance Velvet Fine Art Paper

12x18 Inch [30x45cm] - Limited Edition Run Of 8
20x30 Inch [50x76cm] - Limited Edition Run Of 4
28x42 Inch [106x70cm] - Limited Edition Run Of 2

Please note that some prints may have alternative size options, such as square format images.
Alternative sizings are listed in the description of the each applicable photo.

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  • Staring Into The Unknown

    We all worry about what the future holds at some points in our life and sometimes we try to look forward, but the future is fogged up. We are looking into the abyss of the unknown. It is impossible to predict or see what is coming in our future. Life can take very unexpected turns and change our lives for the better, or the worse, but in the end those changes will shape who we are. What does our future hold for us? The only way to find out is to take a step into the fog of uncertainty and face the future head on!

  • The Oncoming Storm

    She has braved all of the storms that life has thrown at her during her lifetime, and now, shortly after the last storm has ended, the next is coming. She is ready to head into it and face the eye of the storm head on!

  • Washed Up

    Braving the storm is never easy. It can take all of your body, mind and soul to get through it. In the end you may feel completely destroyed and washed up. Even though it may seem impossible, it is possible to get back on your feet once again to face the next storm when it comes your way.

  • Head Above Water

    Keeping your head above water during difficult times can be incredibly difficult. Even though things might seem bleak right now, and you feel as if the water will swallow you whole you can get through this.

  • The Suffocating Love

    Love can bring new and exciting feelings to our lives, but it can also be incredibly suffocating when we are with someone who isn't the right soul for us to share the rest of our lives with.

  • Unwanted

    There are times in life where we can feel unwanted, like a pest or a weed. Always remember that you are beautiful, you are wanted and that you are worth it!

  • The Surrounding Stones

    Our love is as strong as the stones that are surrounding us.

  • When Feathers Fall

    Some believe that finding a black and white feather is a symbol of protection. Others believe it it a sign of change. What does finding a feather mean to you?

  • Weighed Down

    Our own personal hardships and problems can seem so small and inisgnificant to those around us, but for us, those "small" issues can weigh us down so much that we can't seem to find the energy to get back up.

  • Skin And Bone

    People tell me all the time “You are too thin”, “You look anorexic” or “All you are is skin and bone”, Little do they know that I am doing all I can to reach what is considered a healthy weight range. I hope those critics one day realise that it's not as easy for some as it is for others.

  • Everflowing Stories

    Until the end of time, stories will continue drifting through the river of time. Some of these stories may drown on the journey and never be told again, but some may last the test of time and continue drifting forevermore.

  • Fingers Crossed

    Willl he do what I am hoping he will do after his embrace, or will he not? I'll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that we will!

  • When Hearts Collide

    When two souls fall deeply in love with each other, it is as if their two beating hearts join together to become one.

  • Refuge

    The journey through the rivers of life may become so exhausting that we have to take refuge to re-energize our mind, body and soul before continuing on.

  • The Mist Of Misery

    All I feel is sadness. Cold, lonely sadness. I just want to be happy.

  • Unsteady

    There are times where our emotions can feel very unsteady and we don't know whether we will regain the emotional balance we once had, or if we will continue descending into the dark depths of emotional despair.

  • Lost & Found

    After losing sight of who I was for so long, I have finally found myself.

  • Gaze

    No matter what, you cannot accurately predict everything that is going to happen the future. The future is like a fog that we must not be afraid to walk through if we wish to find out what is on the other side.

  • Releasing The Demon

    We all have our demons, which are the issues and feelings that we hold onto which affect us in a negative way. It can be hard to let go and release those demons, but once you do, you can move forward with your life and not have the black smoke of negativity hold you back any longer!

  • Anguish

    She feels like as if she is nothing but dirt, a stain on herself and those around her. She can't stand the pain of feeling like this, and all of a sudden she snaps and screams in anguish.

  • Broken And Defeated

    The anxiety and depression have taken over. She has been drained of all her hopes, passions and dreams and believes that she will never come out of this dark, terrifying place.

  • The Calm After The Storm

    The darkness has been lifted, a calmness fills her, she feels human once more.

  • Split

    There are people in this world who we meet and we believe that they are our friends. We cherish our friendship with them and trust them to the ends of the earth. Little do we know that they are actually lying to us and talking about us behind our back in a hurtful way. It's like they have a split personality, but even though it is controllable, they continue their destructive ways and don't seem to care at all about hurting us or any other victims that they decide to target next.

  • Stress

    Stress is something we all feel. It can be a very small amount, or it can be so bad that our physical and mental health end up suffering because of it.

  • Identity Crisis - From The Duplicity Series

    Mental illness can change our lives and personality so drastically that we lose sight of who we are. Once you begin to recover and begin to rediscover youself, reach out, try to take a hold of your new self-discovery and be the best version of you that you can possibly be!

  • The Hand You Are Dealt

    In life, we have to play the cards we are dealt. Sometimes those cards aren't the hand we are hoping for and they end up turning our life upside down. Will you keep playing the game of life, or will you fold and give up on your life all together?

  • Half Way

    Some people believe that the glass is half full, whereas others believe it is half empty. Which of those do you believe to be true?

  • Support

    Throughout life, there are times where we feel weak, worthless and unloved and it can feel as if we are falling into a deep, dark place that we will never be able to escape. If you allow someone to catch you while you are falling, they can be there to support and guide you through the harships that you are facing and bring you back into the light.

  • Grounded

    Sometimes life can bring us down so much that we fall flat onto the ground and we feel as if we can't get back up to face another day.

  • The Imaginary World Beyond

    There is something in this world for all of us that we fall deeply into, so deeply that it's like we are in another world. It is a place where we are happy, healthy and we forget all about the troubles we are facing in the real world.

  • Box Of Wonders

    As she looks into the box of wonders, she realises just how amazing this world can be.

  • Becoming The Grim

    She has become one with death, she has become the Grim Reaper of her own soul.

  • Bound

    She feels bound by her own desires, and she although she wants to escape, she doesn't have the strength to.

  • From The Darkness

    Throughout life, we can encounter people who are so destructive and evil that they reach out and try to pull us into their realm of darkness where all they want do is bring us down. Will you let the darkness take over and change your life for the worse, or will you fight back and try your hardest to stay in the light?

  • Reach For The Stars

    No matter how disheartening or exhausting that trying to achieve your dreams may get, if you never give up and keep on working as hard as you can to achieve them, the stars will eventually be in your grasp!

  • Facade

    There are times when we hide our true identity. We hide it for many reasons. Sometimes it can be because we are uncomfortable with who we are, because we want to gain acceptance of others, or simply because we don't want others knowing the truth. Instead of being completely truthful and showing the world who we really are, we put on a mask, a facade, and only show the parts of ourselves that we want others to see.

  • Two Faced

    There are times when we hide our true identity. We hide it for many reasons. Sometimes it can be because we are uncomfortable with who we are, because we want to gain acceptance of others, or simply because we don't want others knowing the truth. Instead of being completely truthful and showing the world who we really are, we put on a mask, a facade, and only show the parts of ourselves that we want others to see.

  • Veil

    Some of us find it hard to show people who we really are. Instead we hide underneath a veil of obscurity, and never let anyone see our true selves.

  • Keeper Of Memories

    Our memories are part of what makes us who we are. Some memories are good, some are bad, but no matter what they are, if they are important to you hold them close to your heart and try to never let them fade away!

  • Fracture

    Nothing is going right. Everything is going wrong. The stress of it all is getting too much and the cracks are beginning to show.

  • Closet Woes

    Our minds are like closets. They can be full of the things that make us happy, or dark spaces of despair where we feel trapped, unloved and worthless.

  • Anonymous - This Little Light of Mine

    Throughout life some of us go through more negative experiences than positive ones, but even through all the negativity, we must try to hold onto that little light of positivity that helps us to keep going and face the next day head on!

  • Anonymous - Afraid To Let Go

    To let go of your personal demons is a hard thing to do. For some people it is seemingly impossible to let go and they are too afraid to try. Instead of trying to let go, they hold onto their demons as tight as they can and never break free from the demons grasp.

  • Anonymous - The Temptation

    Temptation is all around us. It's something we can't always avoid. Will you take a bite into the apple and give into the temptation, or will you fight through the temptation and not give into it?

  • Anonymous - Upset [Outtake]

    When we are upset, we tend to try and hide ourselves from the world and not let others see us in the vulnerable state we are in.

  • Disjointed

    I don't know what to say, do or think. I'm feeling a lack of any sort of coherent connection to anyone, anything or even myself.

  • Crawling

    Finding your way out of the darkness is never easy, but once you find that sign of light, keep crawling towards it, and don't give up!

  • Rebirth

    As humans we constantly have new experiences that help us grow, change and become better than we were before These changes can feel like a rebirth of sorts; a new start and a chance to become the person we want to be.

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