Going Viral

Going Viral is a photographic self-portrait series which examines the current Coronavirus pandemic, and tells stories of how the pandemic is affecting those who are experiencing it.

This series is currently in the process of being created and released. 

  • Going Viral - Infection Protection

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues, so many of us feel vulnerable and scared, as if the virus is going to infect and take us over. We wear protection in the form of masks among other things, to help prevent the spread. Some people won't leave the house without one. What are you doing in terms of protecting yourself during this pandemic?

  • Going Viral - Webucation

    As we adapt to the new living conditions caused by the coronavirus, education has been impacted in a way that it never has been before. Many schools, univerisites and colleges have opted to deliver education via the online world. My photography college, as well as Japanese language school have been impacted, and have shifted all lessons from on campus to online. Has your education been affected by the currnt conditions?

  • Going Viral - Homebound

    Are you stuck at home in isolation right now? I am. Isolation is someting I am all too familliar with. In the middle of the last decade, for a period of three years, isolation became my way of living, as due to my health, I physically couldn't leave the house, or even my bed very often. I would be so desperate to get out of the house at times that it was if I was a prisoner trying to escape the confines of alcatraz. The isolation experience during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought back many emotions and memories of that time, some of which I would rather not remember. The main difference this time around though is that my health isn't as limiting, and I have my love Eleni to keep me from going crazy. What about you? Are you still in lockdown?

  • Going Viral - Stay Away

    The space between us has increased. 1.5 meters to be exact, at least in Australia. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the government and health officials have advised the world to practice social distancing, which among other rules involves being a certain distance away from those around us, actively trying to avoid touching others and limiting the number of people at gatherings, or outlawing gatherings completely. There are some who are terrified of getting close to anyone, and won't let anyone enter their personal space to the point where if anyone does get too close to them, they almost seem to treat it as a form of abuse, and then in turn abuse you for making a unintentional mistake.

  • Going Viral - Financial Distress

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused millions of workers around the world to lose their jobs, and has caused businesses to limit their trading or shut down completely. No matter which of those predicaments you are in, so many are struggling financially during this crisis. So many have cried out for help from their respective governments, and thankfully some governments have provided aid and support to those who are in need, such as the JobSeeker, Jobkeeper and income support for those on welfare in Australia. Has your Government stepped in to help you survive this financially difficult time?

  • Going Viral - Rolled Out

    Near the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a tsunami of fear hitting the world, and in response, a great multitude of terrified souls swarmed the supermarkets and cleared the shelves of many necessary supplies. The most notable of supplies that was panic bought was toilet paper. Stores had no stock, and those who were able to get their hands on it were stocking up, not allowing others, even those most in need, to purchase even a single roll. Those who only had one roll left, or worse yet, none, were afraid that they wouldn't be able to get any more. Were you one of the many panic buyers, or were you one of the unlucky souls who had to struggle to access any toilet paper or oth.er necessary items

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