The Chronic Diaries - Exhibition Documentation - Tyler Grace Photography

The Chronic Diaries - Exhibition Documentation

Chronic illness is debilitating and life changing.
Alongside changing your body, it can affect your life in many other ways, including your relationships, your ability to work, your social life, and so much more.

Tackling both the seen and unseen impacts of chronic illness, “The Chronic Diaries” is an ongoing photographic self-portrait series which takes the viewer inside the often unbearable world experienced by myself, as well as many others who experience chronic illness.

The Chronic Diaries is an exhibition that doesn’t hold anything back, as it explores both physical and mental illness in a very dark and conceptual way.
It covers topics such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, isolation, body image among many others.

This series may be disturbing for some viewers, however, my main intent with this exhibition is to impact viewers in a way that will start discussion and hopefully lead to more understanding of chronic illness in the wider community.

For those suffering with chronic illness, I also want them to learn through this exhibition that there are others out there who understand what it can be like, and I hope that it inspires them to try their best to do what they love despite their limitations!

To see the full high quality gallery of images from this series, and to read the stories behind them, please visit the main gallery for The Chronic Diaries by clicking here.

Murray Art Museum Albury - May/June 2016

Sydney Fringe Festival - September 2017

Charles Sturt University - Dubbo Campus - August/September 2018

Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne - May/June 2019

TCD Video Presentation - White Night Ballarat - September 2019

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